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Self-Audits Of California Protected Leave Policies And Practices: How To Spot And Fix FMLA/CFRA Missteps

About This Course:
If the Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) takes an interest in investigating your organization’s family leave practices, watch out! The DFEH is laser-focused on uncovering FMLA/CFRA problems, and even inadvertent violations can lead to high-priced penalties. Your best defense lies in conducting a self-audit before the agency comes knocking.

It’s bad enough that FMLA has a labyrinth of tricky regulations. But the compliance headache is even worse here in California because CFRA tends to place even more onerous requirements on you. Given the amendments to CFRA that took effect last year, you must ensure that your organization’s policies and documentation are up to snuff.

Join us to learn how to conduct a thorough FMLA/CFRA self-audit. Our presenter, a skilled California-based employment attorney, will get you up to speed and help ensure that your policies and practices concerning protected family and medical leave in California are legally compliant and can withstand both state and federal governmental scrutiny.

Learning Objectives
  • How to review your current CFRA/FMLA practices and fix problems now—before they erupt into something devastating
  • How to incorporate CFRA amendments that went into effect last summer into policies
  • Top-to-bottom policy self-audit planning
  • Documents to have on file to ensure compliance with FMLA and CFRA recordkeeping requirements—and the right path of action if you uncover mistakes
  • Steps involved in reviewing your existing employment policies, files, and procedures
  • Red flags that you may be in legal trouble
  • Who should conduct the HR audit—and when it makes sense to bring in outside help
  • How to fix any problems you discover during the course of your CFRA/FMLA audit (without making matters worse)
  • And much more
Taking a proactive approach to examining your FMLA and CFRA practices and correcting deficient areas can go a long way toward avoiding costly penalties and fines, as well as class-action lawsuits, and this event is designed to give you tips and strategies for ensuring a successful self-audit of your practices. In just 90 minutes, you'll learn how to insulate your organization from some of the most common, legally risky issues California employers face when managing their obligations under CFRA and FMLA.

About Your Presenter

Allen Kato, Esq.
Attorney at Law
San Francisco, CA

As an attorney in San Francisco, Allen Kato’s practice concentrates exclusively on advising employers in all aspects of employment law, including disability accommodations, wage and hour, equal employment opportunity, leaves of absences, wrongful termination, privacy, employment agreements and compensation plans, unfair competition, and trade secret matters. He also trains managers and human resources professionals on a regular basis.

Mr. Kato is a member of the California Bar. Before opening his own law practice, Mr. Kato practiced for almost 30 years with the law firms of Fenwick & West, and with Schachter, Kristoff, Orenstein & Berkowitz.
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