About This Course:
Goal setting is the glue that binds subordinates to their managers.

Employees are dramatically more productive when they work towards specific, clearly defined goals in their jobs. But how good are you and your managers at setting those goals … and following up?

Join Paul Falcone, best-selling author and former VP of HR at NBC Universal, for Setting Effective Performance Goals. This workshop will give you the strategies—and the precise language—to establish compelling, actionable performance goals for any employee.

In this fun and motivating workshop, Paul will help attendees become much more effective leaders and career developers. You and your management team will learn:
  • How to retain high performers by developing a realistic and customized set of goals for each employee.
  • Six ways to help team members feel more engaged in their work and self-motivated around the office.
  • How to develop an "achievement mentality” that encourages employees to reinvent themselves in light of your company's changing needs.
  • How to tie organizational goals to individual performance.
  • The appropriate follow-up intervals and measurable benchmarks to track progress throughout the year.
Managers are never truly successful unless their employees are.

This special webinar-and-book combo will teach managers how to set up subordinates for success and, in the process, managers will learn to speak, think and act like great leaders.

After all, the greatest gift the workplace offers lies in growing and developing those who are following in your footsteps, and goal setting is the roadmap to get you there.
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