The Mastering Business Series

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About This Course:
Top-notch business skills are the secret to staying employed through the recession. Turn hard times into an opportunity to sharpen your skills with the insights and strategies found only in the five-volume Mastering Business series.

Mastering Office Politics:
Divided into six concise sections – advancement, roadblocks, teamwork, leadership, change and managing difficult co-workers – Mastering Office Politics gives you an instant how-to reference for almost every conceivable political situation.

Mastering Business Finance:
Mastering Business Finance strips away the fear and intimidation surrounding a complex subject. Soon you'll not only understand the financial buzzwords, you'll be contributing and even leading the discussions!

Mastering Business Etiquette &Protocol:
No matter how many social mistakes you've inadvertently made in the past, from now on you can feel completely sure of yourself in any business situation – if you follow the simple rules in the nuts-and-bolts handbook, Mastering Business Etiquette &Protocol. This practical report reveals the critical connection between protocol and profit.

Mastering Business Negotiation:
Packed with practical pointers, Mastering Business Negotiation can show you how to negotiate with forcefulness and grace by building skills in four critical areas: listening, clarity of purpose, confidence and emotional control.

Mastering Business Presentations:
This amazing guide to public speaking gives you step-by-step guidance for walking into the spotlight prepared. From leading small meetings to giving formal speeches to large crowds.

The Mastering Business Series
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