Workplace Harassment: How To Address Complaints, Avoid Legal Catastrophes, And Create A Safe Work Environment

Workplace Harassment: How To Address Complaints, Avoid Legal Catastrophes, And Create A Safe Work EnvironmentPreventing workplace harassment is a top priority for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which means it should be a top priority for you, too.

This year alone, the agency has already achieved several settlements relating to workplace harassment in jaw-dropping amounts up to $1.02 million. Note that “Workplace harassment” can extend far beyond “sexual harassment.” An EEOC task force has identified a “wide range of bases of harassment” that exist in today’s workplace—including age, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity harassment.

Establishing an anti-harassment policy is simply not enough. HR must be proactive about training for both supervisors and employees, responding promptly to allegations of harassment, and conducting thorough investigations.

Join us when James Douglass, an attorney with Fisher & Phillips, will examine how to establish a harassment-free workplace environment, respond promptly to complaints, and avoid catastrophic legal pitfalls.

Learning Objectives
  • The legal definition of harassment
  • How “quid pro quo” differs from “hostile work environment”, and why this distinction matters
  • The different types of workplace harassment, including sexual, religious, racial, disability, age, and more
  • In what circumstances an employer may be deemed negligent
    What can happen if the harasser is a coworker and the employer didn’t know about the harassment
  • Legal issues you’re likely to face if the harasser is a supervisor
  • What constitutes a “tangible employment action”
  • How to protect your organization against liability by providing reasonable solutions for employees who complain of harassment
  • The keys to avoiding retaliation complaints resulting from workplace harassment
  • Why the EEOC wants you to use social media and other digital tools to create a harassment-free workplace
About Your Presenter

James Douglass, Esq.
Fisher & Phillips, LLP

James Douglass focuses his practice on representing employers in all aspects of labor and employment law. In particular, he represents and advises employers on employment discrimination and harassment, retaliation, whistleblower claims, and wage and hour issues.

Mr. Douglass has defended employment claims in front of state administrative agencies and federal and state courts in Florida, Texas, and Georgia.
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