Communicating The Impact Of DOL’s Final Overtime Rules: A Step-by-Step Guide To Informing Your Workforce Of Exemption Status Changes

The DOL’s final rules on overtime exemptions are due out any day now. HR professionals will need to know precisely how white collar overtime exemption requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will change and the timeline for implementation of the final rules. They also must prepare to communicate the practical impact to the workforce.

Many employees may view being re-classified from exempt to nonexempt as a demotion or loss of status. While some employees will welcome the chance to receive overtime pay, others may see the need to “punch a time clock” as a demotion. Also, supervisors and managers of previously exempt workers need to be prepared to “manage” those of nonexempt status.

It’s your job as an HR professional to provide thoughtful, reasoned, and accurate responses to your employees’ concerns. Furthermore, you must prepare to train supervisors and managers on their role in communicating and enforcing policy changes resulting from the final rules.

Join us for a 30-minute webinar when Susan E. Prince, J.D., M.S.L., legal editor for BLR, will outline seven proven strategies for communicating about the FLSA’s new overtime rules to your employees in a way that minimizes issues down the line.

Learning Objectives
  • How to explain succinctly and clearly why reclassification from exempt to nonexempt status is necessary
  • How to ensure that supervisors and managers have the information they need to effectively communicate the practical impact of the final rules to their direct reports
  • Key information to convey to employees, and how to make sure they understand what will now be required in terms of tracking hours
  • How to head off concerns that going from exempt to nonexempt status is a demotion
  • How to create a comprehensive communication plan that addresses employees’ concerns, and the timeline for rolling out your message
  • Who to designate as the point person to field questions or concerns about reclassified exemption status
  • Strategies for helping managers spot unauthorized work time, and tips for fostering a culture where nonexempt employees’ off time doesn’t turn into “work time”
  • How to address the inevitable question of “Was I misclassified in the first place, and am I owed additional compensation?”
About Your Presenter

Susan E. Prince, J.D., M.S.L.
Legal Editor

Susan Prince has 15 years of experience as an attorney and writer in the field of human resources and has published numerous articles on a variety of human resources and employment topics, including compensation, benefits, workers’ compensation, discrimination, work/life issues, termination, and military leave. Ms. Prince also served as an expert on several audio conferences discussing the 2004 changes to the federal regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Before starting her career in publishing, Ms. Prince practiced law for several years in the insurance industry. Ms. Prince received her law degree from Vermont Law School.
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