Salary Communication Essentials: Best Practices For Effectively Discussing Pay Rates And Status Changes With Employees

You might not want them to, but employees are going to talk about salaries and pay rates! A study by The Corporate Executive Board’s Compensation Leadership Council found that 68 percent of employees believe their employer does not share enough information about compensation. As a result, they pursue this information from alternative sources, such as recruiters, salary benchmarking websites, and coworkers. This may lead to negative perceptions about their pay.

Both frontline supervisors and HR managers must know how to deal with employees’ pay questions, complaints, and raise requests. Without such skills, your organization is subject to higher turnover, reduced productivity, and lack of workforce focus on the organization’s mission.

With the Department of Labor’s final overtime rule slated to go into effect on December 1, 2016, millions of employees previously classified as exempt will now have to “punch a clock”—and likely won’t be happy about it. Therefore, it’s critical for HR and frontline managers to be prepared for questions and have appropriate responses for addressing employee concerns.

Join us when Mitzi Root, a seasoned compensation consultant, will discuss the tools and techniques managers must possess in order to discuss compensation with their employees. Ms. Root will provide tips on how to handle employee pay questions, complaints, and differences with confidence, so you’ll be able to communicate salary decisions effectively.

Learning Objectives
  • Materials and information sources that inform your managers about compensation practices
  • What supervisors and managers can do to successfully communicate with their workers concerning the DOL’s final overtime exemption rule
  • How to handle talking about different kinds of compensation
  • Ways to explain how pay rates, packages, and market rates are determined
  • Role-playing techniques to help build managers’ confidence when asked tough compensation questions
  • Determining which pay topics to be transparent about, and which to leave out
About Your Presenter

Mitzi Root
Senior Consultant
Integrity HR

Mitzi Root, PHR, is a Senior Consultant for Integrity HR, Inc. Ms. Root helps her clients succeed by being a strategic HR partner and helping them navigate some of the more difficult HR issues they face every day. Her areas of expertise include: recruiting, salary administration, employee relations, policy development, and handling compliance issues. Ms. Root has over 20 years progressive human resource management experience. Prior to joining Integrity HR, she served as the Training and Compliance Coordinator for Senior Care, Inc., a high-quality senior housing and care services provider. She was also a Human Resources Manager for SpectraCare, Inc., which provided home health care and infusion pharmacy services. Ms. Root was the Coordinator of Affirmative Action and Employee Relations at The University of Louisville. She is the Legislative Director for Kentucky SHRM State Council and a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Human Resources Certification Institute.
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