Optimizing Your Performance Management System: Communication & Follow-Up Strategies for Best Results

About This Course:
Does your performance management system provide you and your employees with effective ways to measure how their jobs—and your company—are faring?

An improved performance management program can be a reality. And the start of a new year is a great time to revamp how you drive greater return on your investment in your workforce.

Imagine a performance management program that provides valuable feedback to your employees and informs management about how engaged your employees are with your company’s success. Sounds perfect, right?

In the real world, performance evaluations face many challenges. Telling an employee that he or she isn’t quite living up to expectations can be uncomfortable. Supervisors may make performance evaluation mistakes such as basing a performance evaluation on the most recent conduct instead of considering performance over the entire review period, or may overrate performance or even underrate performance to avoid appearing biased. Ratings inflation is an epidemic infecting many organizations.

How can you develop a rapport with your employees so you know what motivates them? And, how can you make expectations clear and let employees know when they are and are not meeting those expectations? What should every manager know to ensure that employees perform at their highest potential? How can managers lead by example, build loyalty to the organization, and ultimately train and retain top performers?

Join us for tips on how to optimize performance management, and avoid mistakes that can be difficult to fix at best.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to communicate HR’s and management’s expectations
  • The best time to give official evaluations, and how often to do them
  • The performance management goofs managers make when conducting employee reviews and how to correct them—fast!
  • The game plan for addressing employee performance as it happens
  • Communication strategies to help you meet performance management-based goals
  • And much more!
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