Corporate Culture Makeover: A Strategic Model For Workplace Transformation

About This Course:
Your company's "culture" is defined and shaped by prevailing values, attitudes, and standards, and it starts at the top. Culture can influence employee behavior and decisions in ways that are good and bad. And it can instill pride or poison in your workplace atmosphere.

Strong and positive corporate cultures don’t just happen by accident. The best ones come out of a strategic design, brought forth intentionally by visionary and inspirational executives. Do your organization's top leaders know how to do this, and are they putting it into practice?

A study by Booz & Co. found that a majority of executives and managers say that implementing the right culture is critical to their organization’s success, but only about half of employees in the same study believe that leaders treat culture as a priority on a day-to-day basis. Fewer still say that culture is effectively managed. And that means increased turnover, loss of your most successful employees, and the opportunity cost of decreased productivity. Clearly, culture is critical.

So how do you make effective culture change happen at your company? How can you get executives to pay attention, not just lip service?

Join us on to learn what it takes to proactively and strategically design and activate a strong corporate culture in your organization and get actionable steps to start the process.

Learning Objectives
  • What corporate culture is and what it isn’t
  • What a positive and effective culture looks like
  • The advantages of a powerful corporate culture – and the dangers of a poisonous one
  • Where to start in creating or fixing your culture
  • Key elements in laying the strategic groundwork for a strong corporate culture
  • How to track your progress and translate it into quantifiable results to increase buy-in from leadership
  • How to assess where you are right now, as well as where you need to go
  • How to strategically address the problems you uncover
  • How to continue to measure your progress and set new goals to keep your culture growing and evolving
    And much more
About Your Presenter

Dawn M. Cacciotti, SPHR, HCS, SHRM-SCP
EngageHRnow, LLC

Dawn Cacciotti founded EngageHRnow, LLC, an HR Consulting firm specializing in Engagement and Human Capital Solutions for small to mid-size associations and businesses, following a successful career that included an executive role in an award-winning Association, executive roles in start-up and growth concepts, and a leadership role with a Fortune 100 organization.

Ms. Cacciotti has won numerous honors for her leadership in the area of Engagement, Strategy and Well-being. Most recently, she was recognized by Employee Benefits News as the “Benefits Leadership – Judges Choice 2014” award winner, led the strategic human capital change at the National Restaurant Association allowing them to be awarded the coveted 2014 Washington Post Top Workplace list in Washington, D.C., and was a Human Resources Strategic Alignment honoree for the HRLA awards.

She assists organizations to effectively build their Human Resources infrastructure and guides the leadership team in developing the organizational culture while educating and engaging the staff on how they directly impact the overall success of the business. She provides strategic insight by producing and executing essential programs in all phases of the human capital life cycle. She has designed a unique and cost-effective engagement survey for her small to medium size association and business clients gaining the essential team member feedback that assists in building the human capital strategies.
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