HR’s Role in Driving Enterprise Growth: How to Strategically Achieve Optimal Business Results

About This Course:
Enterprise growth requires executive leadership when it comes to changing the culture, focus, or services an organization offers. To be successful, every aspect of the organization has to work together, and here's where HR’s role is crucial. Whether it’s a new acquisition, ambitious revenue targets or a shift in focus, you are critical to helping your company stay competitive.

HR’s role in driving enterprise growth includes a number of factors. To get the best people hired and retained, you've got to sell your benefits package to candidates. You have to share the organization's culture and vision with workers. And you have to implement training and coaching that supports growth targets.

To make all this happen, HR and the leadership team must get on the same page and keep communication open.

Join us to learn the role of HR in enterprise growth and how to rise to the challenge of becoming a competitive partner with leadership in meeting new goals.

Learning Objectives
  • How to align high-performers with your organization’s growth vision
  • What to look for in enterprise contributors
  • How to align HR goals with your organization's growth strategy
  • How to work with other leaders and executives to make your organization attractive to high performers
  • How to communicate with executives and employees, getting HR's mission message across
    And much more
About Your Presenter

Lori Kleiman
HR Topics

Lori Kleiman is an accomplished businessperson, entrepreneur, and leader. In her most recent corporate role, Ms. Kleiman orchestrated a group of 18 HR consultants nationally. She brought cutting edge HR techniques to the group, and fostered a practical sense of HR to small businesses. Ms. Kleiman has conducted seminars to business people and HR professionals sharing best practices and new initiatives to bring to small businesses throughout the United States. With a Master of Human Resources and the highest level of certification available in HR, an SPHR designation, she has the depth of knowledge needed to provide her clients with the foundation of traditional study and real world solutions to drive immediate action.
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