Employee Handbooks: Key Updates, Drafting Tips, And Enforcement Advice For 2016

Employee Handbooks: Key Updates, Drafting Tips, And Enforcement Advice For 2016
About This Course:
Has your employee handbook been updated for 2016?

Between the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, labor-friendly victories at the National Labor Relations Board, the legalization of marijuana, increased focused on transgender employees, and the passage of paid sick leave and domestic violence leave laws across the country, 2016 changes will likely necessitate changes to your employee handbook.

With all the recent legal changes, does your employee handbook properly communicate these changes, shield your organization from liability, and address all the very latest employee expectations, employment laws, and regulations.

Your employee handbook can be HR's best friend or worst enemy depending on what it includes and how policies are worded. Learn how to update your employee handbook to protect your organization in the event of a dispute with a current or former employee.

Learning Objectives
  • 2016 handbook components and policies you MUST include and some you may consider
  • Changes in federal laws and regulations that drive employee handbook updates
  • Dress code and grooming policy updates you should make
    Social media privacy and usage policies in light of NLRB scrutiny and agency guidance
  • The difference between flexible and absolute language in the employee handbook
  • BYOD (bring your own device) policies covering cell phone and tablet usage
  • Your obligation to make personnel records available for inspection and how to update your handbook
  • How long you should keep the old version of your employee handbook
  • Tips for communicating handbook changes
About Your Presenter

Matthew R. Simpson, Esq.
Fisher & Phillips LLP

Matthew Simpson represents management in all areas of labor and employment law in state and federal courts as well as before state and federal agencies, including the EEOC and DOL. A significant portion of his practice focuses on wage and hour law, emphasizing issues relating to minimum wage, overtime, timekeeping, and garnishments.
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