Courageous Leadership: A Vietnam POW's Step-by-Step Plan For Building A Model Of Accountability

About This Course:
In our personal and work culture, we’ve all experienced chaos brought on by dishonor and a lack of accountability. In every industry, there’s the danger of losing market share and talented employees when the foundations of character, courage, and commitment are missing.

Join us when Lee Ellis, a seasoned presenter, human performance expert, 5-year Vietnam POW, and the author of Leading with Honor®: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton and Engage with Honor™, Applying the Leadership Model for Courageous Accountability, will share strategies for confidently applying a positive, proven accountability model to get better results as a leader.

Learning Objectives
  • Examples of how to lead courageously from Lee’s gripping account of personal leadership experiences in Vietnam POW camps
  • The connection between positive accountability and honorable behavior
  • The 3 “Cs” that serve as the foundation for leadership success
  • A proven model for creating a positive accountability culture
  • Practical, step-by-step instructions to help leaders create industry-leading performance and morale
BONUS: Attendees will receive a free advance-release download from Lee’s latest book, Engage with Honor™, Applying the Leadership Model for Courageous Accountability.

About Your Presenter

Lee Ellis
Nationally Recognized Leadership Consultant
Award-Winning Author
Colonel USAF (Retired)

Lee Ellis travels the country sharing his harrowing account of how his five-year experience as a POW in Vietnam helped shape his ability to lead his comrades and return home with honor. Ellis’ recurring themes highlight the importance of character, courage, communication, and culture for ensuring cohesive teamwork and ultimate success. Ellis teaches powerful leadership principles and strategic best practices on how to act with courage in the face of leadership’s doubts and fears and strike the balance to successfully lead. He also teaches audiences to recognize whether their leadership tilts towards results, tasks, or relationships, people and how to respectfully engage others to achieve win-win results.
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