Recruiting In The Digital Age: New Online Profile Elements To Help You Size-Up Star Talent

About This Course:
The days when the résumé and cover letter were the gold standard in recruiting are long gone. Recruiters today have the benefit of getting a much more dynamic, 360-degree view of potential candidates via their online profiles.

Whether through Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Instagram, or their own personal websites and blogs, a candidate’s hard and soft skills can become readily apparent to recruiters.

There is plenty of advice out there for jobseekers when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be in your online profile, but, what about advice for recruiters? How should you be using this ever-expanding pipeline of candidate of information most effectively?

A recent survey by Jobvite found that while 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as a major source of candidates, only 26 percent of jobseekers are active on the site. How do you make sure you’re not overlooking a superstar candidate who may just not be paying attention to his or her LinkedIn information? How do you best distill the information and the clues about a potential candidate’s success that are just waiting to be discovered in their online profiles?

Join us for a hands-on, tactical look at how recruiters can effectively and efficiently size up a candidate using the latest online profile elements. Kelly Dingee, director of strategic recruiting at Staffing Advisors, will reveal the top 5 things you need to do right now to source top candidates through online profiles.

Learning Objectives
  • How the recruiting world has changed in the past year
  • The top 3 social sites that are quickly taking the place of the résumé
  • What candidates are really telling you with their LinkedIn profile
  • What online profiles can tell you about a candidate’s skill set
  • How to effectively use online reviews and endorsements
  • How to get a better, more accurate read on soft skills
  • What a profile can tell you about if this person will be a good cultural fit for the position you’re trying to fill
  • How to use online profiles to assess how candidates stack up in their industry
  • What posts on forums and blogs can tell you about a candidate’s knowledge and reputation
  • New technologies that factor into today’s recruiting efforts, such as video—and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to structure your recruiting strategy and tactics—what to evaluate, what to track, and how often to do it
About Your Presenter

Kelly Dingee
Director, Strategic Recruiting
Staffing Advisors

Kelly Dingee is an expert at finding candidates, particularly online. Over the last 8 years she has trained thousands of HR and Recruiting professionals in online candidate search (aka sourcing). Because of this expertise, she has spoken at local and National HR related events, conducted multiple social recruiting webinars for BLR and is a featured writer for the talent management blog “Fistful of Talent.” She has been sought out by publications like CNN Money, The Washington Post, Workforce Management, HR Magazine and as a result of her sourcing and social media expertise.
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