LinkedIn For Recruiting: Leading-Edge Social Strategies For Securing Top Talent

About This Course:
Social media presents a unique and vast advantage for Hiring Managers looking for the most qualified job candidates IF you know how to properly—and strategically—use the right search tools!

There is an abundance of social media tools out there for boosting your recruiting efforts, but for most recruiters, LinkedIn a is the most powerful.

However, most HR professionals only scratch the surface when it comes to how they’re using this powerful site. If you don’t know what each type of LinkedIn search can do, and more importantly, how to use LinkedIn to develop a genuine network for your company and brand, you’re going to be left in the dust.

You won’t want to miss our webinar when presenter Jean L. Serio, LinkedIn, Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant for Get Your Buzz On, will provide a hands-on, tactical look at how to build up your social media skills on LinkedIn. Ms. Serio will teach you how to leverage all the online tools at your disposal to find and land that super new employee.

Learning Objectives
  • The top 5 sites to become familiar with when sourcing job candidates online
  • All about LinkedIn – a tour of what it does well, what it doesn’t do well, and what’s changed since the last time you used it
  • Whether you should you pony up for a premium LinkedIn account
  • Techniques for proper job posting on LinkedIn
  • What candidates can tell about you from your searches, and how to avoid tipping your hand on your LinkedIn activities
  • How to use LinkedIn to help you create a better, more effective HR marketing plan
  • The importance of searching LinkedIn thoroughly
  • Tips and tools to augment your LinkedIn results to develop more robust candidate profile and contact information.
  • And much, much more!
About Your Presenter

Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC
LinkedIn, Social Media & Content Marketing Consultant
Get Your Buzz On!

Jean Serio is internationally recognized for her LinkedIn expertise. She delivers workshops, teleseminars and webinars covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced LinkedIn and social media marketing training. She is a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients, and she has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, worldwide in the areas of training, consulting and coaching in social content development, planning, strategizing and marketing.

Ms. Serios’s work has been featured on Forbes Magazine, Next Avenue (a division of PBS), The Recruitment Lab, All Business Magazine, the LinkedIn World Summit and more. All Business Magazine named her a Top Industry Influencer in 2015, and she has been recognized as a top 200 LinkedIn expert. She was an invited presenter at RecruitCon 2016.
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