Total Rewards Strategies To Engage A Multi-Generational Workforce

About This Course:
Right now there are four generations in the workplace—baby boomers, gen X, gen, Y, and millennials. The challenge for HR lies in finding a way to manage a workforce with varying needs and desires.

Cash raises and bonuses never go out of style, no matter where an employee fits on the generational spectrum. But, there are key differences in how much value employees of divergent generations place on the rewards offered and what they expect from their employers.

For instance, baby boomers, generally on a trajectory toward retirement, are typically more interested in benefits than their younger cohorts. For gen X’ers, flexibility in work locations and work styles are particularly attractive. Those from gen Y have their sights set on promotions, which will likely come with better perks. And, the millennials generally possess a set of skills and expectations that diverge from the traditional and crave new forms of total rewards.

How can HR best address the needs and wants of the multi-generational workforce? And, how can you ensure that your total rewards attract and help you retain talented employees whatever their ages?

Join us when Dawn Cacciotti, founder of EngageHRnow, LLC and Shira Harrington, founder of Purposeful Hire, discuss what motivates employees from the different generations, and what perks they want and need to be productive and happy workers.

Learning Objectives
  • What the different generations really want in employee perks
  • Which additional perks matter, too
  • The importance of benefits and healthcare to an aging baby boomer generation
  • How to think outside of the box and devise a total rewards strategy that appeals to younger employees
  • Examples of flexible scheduling and telecommuting benefits that can reap real engagement results, for gen Y in particular
  • How upward mobility fits in—so you can attract and retain talent across the generations
  • The #1 perk millennial workers crave—and how to give it to them!
  • Why it’s important to think about family when crafting your total rewards policy so it’s attractive to your multi-generational workforce
About Your Presenters

Dawn Cacciotti
EngageHRnow, LLC

Dawn Cacciotti founded EngageHRnow, LLC, an HR Consulting firm specializing in Engagement and Human Capital Solutions for small to mid-size associations and businesses, following a successful career that included an executive role in an award-winning Association, executive roles in start-up and growth concepts, and a leadership role with a Fortune 100 organization.

Ms. Cacciotti has won numerous honors for her leadership in the area of Engagement, Strategy and Well-being. Most recently, she was recognized by Employee Benefits News as the “Benefits Leadership – Judges Choice 2014” award winner, led the strategic human capital change at the National Restaurant Association allowing them to be awarded the coveted 2014 Washington Post Top Workplace list in Washington, D.C., and was a Human Resources Strategic Alignment honoree for the HRLA awards.

Ms. Cacciotti partners with organizations that are not satisfied with just being good; they are ready to become great! She assists organizations to effectively build their Human Resources infrastructure and guides the leadership team in developing the organizational culture while educating and engaging the staff on how they directly impact the overall success of the business. She provides strategic insight by producing and executing essential programs in all phases of the human capital life cycle. She has designed a unique and cost-effective engagement survey for her small to medium size association and business clients gaining the essential team member feedback that assists in building the human capital strategies.

Ms. Cacciotti is a member of American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the United States Chamber of Commerce, Neuroleadership Institute, Society for Human Resources (SHRM), Human Capital Institute (HCI), and National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). She holds certifications as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Human Capital Strategist (HCS) and has her Bachelors of Science in Human Resources Management.

Shira Harrington
Founder and President
Purposeful Hire

Shira Harrington is a connector—from childhood she’s loved bringing people together for their mutual benefit. While studying for her Masters in Public Relations at the University of Maryland, she realized that successful companies take employee stakeholders seriously and that she wanted to support this all-important stakeholder group through her life’s work.

After working for a professional search firm, Ms. Harrington began to focus on finding a great fit between job search candidates and businesses that offered fulfilling opportunities for candidates to pursue their career goals. Ms. Harrington founded Purposeful Hire to pursue her life’s passion—helping people and businesses connect for their mutual benefit and work towards the future they deserve.

The hiring/job search process is stressful and emotional for most people, so Ms. Harrington focuses on creating a positive hiring experience for the company and the candidate—no matter which one she works for at the time. She believes that a hiring process should be authentic and transparent, so that everybody knows where everybody else stands. Client companies and job search candidates alike continually praise her dedication, resourcefulness, intuition, and analytical skills. Ms. Harrington has extensive knowledge about the challenges and rewards of working with a multi-generational workforce.

A volunteer leader in the Association and HR communities, Ms. Harrington has served extensively with Washington, D.C. area groups and remains dedicated to the value of ongoing professional development. She is a woman on a mission to help job seekers too, and her volunteer efforts in the community include working tirelessly to help job seekers come together, learn, and grow in various local groups.

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