Pay Grades And Job Values: A Step-by-Step Process For Assembling A Competitive Compensation System

About This Course:
When looking at pay ranges and contemplating re-ranking jobs, moving positions, reviewing internal equity, or adding variable pay systems into your total reward compensation mix, things can get overwhelming if you don’t have solid strategy for the systematic approach you’ll take.

Whether you want to reward performance, time, knowledge, skills, or competencies, determining pay grades is the first step to creating an equitable, competitive compensation system. Without accurate pay grade determination, it won’t matter how good the pay survey data you acquire is, your internal compensation will likely be too high or too low.

Pay grade determination is often overlooked as many focus only upon pay survey data in a process known as market pricing. But how can you price non-benchmarked jobs without survey data? You need an internal method to grade and indirectly price them.

Join us when presenter John Rubino, president of Rubino Consulting Services, reveals how you can overcome common pay grade challenges and establish effective benchmarks at your organization.

Learning Objectives
  • What pay grades are, and the correct way to determine them
  • How a pay structure (a set of pay grades and ranges) is built
  • When to pay above market (and sometimes below!)
  • The top ways that pay grades and performance/merit pay programs must be coordinated
  • How pay grades interact with variable pay, and why this connection matters
  • When and how to conduct an internal equity review
  • Strategies for addressing pay inequities, while minimizing your legal liability
  • How variable pay plans affect pay structures and pay analyses
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter

John Rubino
Rubino Consulting Services

John Rubino has more than 30 years of experience designing and implementing human resources programs for a wide variety of organizations in the financial services, technology, manufacturing and public sectors — as both a practitioner and consultant. Prior to forming his own company, he was senior manager of consulting for Ernst & Young LLP and director of executive compensation for The Equitable Life Insurance Company.

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, Mr. Rubino conducts numerous presentations to global audiences. He is also a speaker, course developer, and seminar leader for WorldatWork (formerly the American Compensation Association) and the American Management Association, as well as a speaker for SHRM’s annual conferences. Mr. Rubino is the author of two books: Developing Compensation Programs: Job Analysis, Evaluation and Classification and Communicating Compensation Programs: An Approach to Providing Information to Employees. A Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), Certified Benefits Professional (CBP), Global Remuneration Professional (GRP), and Work-Life Certified Professional (WLCP), Senior Practitioner in Human Resources (SPHR), Mr. Rubino holds a BA from Wagner College, an MBA from the Lubin Graduate School of Business, Pace University, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award from WorldatWork and an Honorary Membership Award from the South African Reward Association (SARA) based in Johannnesburg.
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