Workers’ Compensation: Cost-Effective Insurance Carrier Management Strategies To Boost Your Bottom Line

About This Course:
Workers’ compensation has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and can negatively impact overall productivity of your organization. Therefore, it’s critical that your workers’ compensation program adequately addresses the areas that can lead to potential problems and adversely impact costs.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make with regard to reigning in costs associated with workers’ compensation claims lies in choosing a workers’ compensation insurance carrier with a focus on meeting your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Most workers’ compensation policy renewal dates occur between September 1 and January 1 of each year, so now is the perfect time to examine how costs are affected by how your workers’ compensation insurer views its ability to manage injuries and workers' compensation costs.

Join us for an in-depth webinar when Don Dressler of Don Dressler Consulting will tell you exactly how to set up the appropriate metrics to ensure that your insurance carrier is best serving the organization in managing the workers’ compensation cases while keeping your costs down.

Mr. Dressler will explain the importance of the types of services your workers’ compensation carrier should be providing, such as loss control services to identify hazards and prevent injuries, as well as how having a cooperative relationship with the claims adjuster can be a big win for employers.

Learning Objectives
  • Evaluate when workers’ compensation insurance generally applies
  • Review best practices and model client/carrier relationships
  • Identify approaches for evaluating, interviewing, and selecting a workers’ comp insurance carrier
  • Ensure that critical areas are properly addressed including
    • Understanding the premium audit process
    • Properly reporting claims
    • Effectively working with claims adjusters
    • Obtaining and strategically using information about open claims
    • Determining which medical providers to use
    • Establishing an effective claims conference process
    • Develop effective strategies and policies for return-to-work programs
    • Assess how to best coordinate with your workers’ comp insurance carrier when you have a questionable claim on your hands
    • Establish a periodic (monthly, quarterly, annually) process for reviewing open workers’ comp cases
    • Consider various communication approaches to assure “real-time” handling of workers’ comp cases between you and your WC insurance carrier
    • Develop and present metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of your workers’ comp insurance carrier

    About Your Presenter

    Don Dressler
    Don Dressler Consulting

    Don Dressler has been working with safety recordkeeping for over 15 years as the head of an agricultural trade association's safety and loss control staff and since 2003 as a safety and human resources consultant and attorney. Mr. Dressler focuses on safety, employment and human resources issues, accident investigations, OSHA compliance and workers' compensation. He represents employers before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and handles cases involving Cal/OSHA.

    Mr. Dressler serves as Risk and Safety Consultant to the American Association of Attorney/Certified Public Accountants and also legal advisor to the California Association of Agricultural Labor, an association of California farm labor contractors.

    He was formerly Risk Manager for the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, and the President and CEO of a specialty workers' compensation insurer. He is author of the web blog: Safety, OSHA and HR News at "">
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