FMLA Absences: How To Manage Reduced And Intermittent Leave And Avoid Abuse

About This Course:
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees with the right to take leave and keep their jobs on a reduced schedule.

As you may already know, reduced-schedule and intermittent leaves can be an administrative nightmare for HR. How do you track the time? How much time are employees entitled to take? How do you distinguish between legitimate requests and patterns of leave abuse? What types of documentation are you allowed to seek from employees and/or their doctors?

Don’t get caught in the complex web of FMLA’s intermittent leave and reduced-schedule rules. Join us when attorney Susan Fentin of Skoler, Abbott, & Presser will give you an up-to-date review of what FMLA requires of employers, and what HR can do to manage intermittent leaves and reduced schedules, legally and effectively, while avoiding abuses.

Learning Objectives
  • Confirm an employee is eligible for FMLA intermittent leave, and how much time is allowed
  • Train managers on the intermittent leave rules and make sure when they know when to refer employees to HR
  • Give notice if the employee is, or is not, eligible for leave
  • Determine restrictions that apply to the amount of leave taken
  • Temporarily transfer employees to accommodate leave, without risking allegations of retaliation
  • Use medical certifications and require re-certifications
  • Maintain consistent leave policies and government-mandated posters
  • Spot and fix patterns of intermittent leave abuse
  • Request that leaves be planned (and requested) in advance as much as possible, without overstepping your legal bounds
  • Investigate suspected abuse of intermittent/reduced schedule leave using social media
  • Craft an effective, legally compliant policy on intermittent and reduced-schedule leaves, and why it’s crucial to have such a policy
About Your Presenter

Susan Fentin, Esq.
Skoler, Abbott, & Presser, PC

Attorney Susan G. Fentin, has represented exclusively management interests for more than 40 years. She is experienced in teaching master classes on both the FMLA and ADA. Her practice concentrates on labor and employment counseling, advising large and small employers on their responsibilities and obligations under state and federal employment laws, and representing employers before state and federal agencies and in court.
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