Mastering The Art Of Constructive Coaching

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Live on 11/7/2018 from 2:30 pm till 4:00pm EST or via CD or On-Demand
Mastering The Art Of Constructive Coaching
About This Course:
If you want to increase your skills and results as an effective manager, leader, or HR professional, you must master the art of constructive coaching.

Constructive coaching skills can make the difference between being viewed as a true leader rather than just a taskmaster. People need feedback on how they are doing at work – sometimes in the form of praise and sometimes focused on improvement. Either way, feedback is better received when provided in the spirit of constructive coaching.

Professionals at all levels need to be able to provide – and receive! – constructive feedback and coaching-focused communication. These skills are important in two-way supervisor-subordinate relationships, peer-to-peer and internal customer communications, team interactions, and other workplace relationships.

Unfortunately, too many managers and other professionals either fail to provide feedback or do so in a negative, destructive way. Constructive coaching involves providing team members with effective, purposeful feedback – both positive and negative – on an ongoing basis, from a coaching perspective. What You'll Learn:Want a more positive work environment? You can be the change. Attend this informative audio conference and develop impactful coaching skills yourself. Apply what you learn to build better workplace relationships while also helping to create an environment where communication focused on constructive feedback is a norm. Learning objectives include:
  • Understanding the importance of constructive, coaching-oriented feedback and how it impacts the workplace
    Practical framework for structuring feedback so that it is meaningful and received the way it was intended
  • Actionable tips and techniques for providing effective feedback focused on results to direct reports and other colleagues
  • 8 key steps for ensuring that feedback is both constructive and performance-focused
  • How to boost your credibility as an effective supervisor or internal customer through coaching skills
  • Common coaching and feedback communication mistakes to avoid
Mastering The Art Of Constructive Coaching
Available Live on 11/7/2018, or on CD or On-Demand formats
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