Form W-9: Payee Identification And Tax Determination

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About This Course:
This timely topic will provide information about the purpose of the form and when it should be obtained. You will learn who can complete Form W-9 for U.S. persons, and if the payee is a foreign person, that Form W-8 is necessary. In addition, this important topic will provide valuable information regarding the backup withholding requirements if the W-9 information is not obtained and the risk to your company if backup withholding is not performed.What You'll Learn:
  • You will be able to review the B-Notice Process.
  • You will be able to explain backup withholding name/TIN mismatch or no TIN.
  • You will be able to discuss Form W-8BEN, or W-8ECI, W-8IMY, W-8EXP.
  • You will be able to describe definition of U.S. Citizen, U.S. Resident Alien and U.S. Nonresident Alien.
Form W-9: Payee Identification And Tax Determination
Available on CD or On-Demand formats
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