Termination Workshop: How To Fire Without Lawsuits Or Drama

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Terminations are the most stressful and legally dangerous moment for any HR professional or manager.

Just one mistake during the process – a discipline error, documentation slip-up or the wrong words at the termination meeting – can spark years of litigation. Plus, you have to deal with the emotional fallout … risk of violence … and co-worker response.

Do you and your management team know all the right moves? Put an end to termination anxiety by joining us for Termination Workshop: How to Fire Without Lawsuits or Drama.

Attorney Anniken Davenport will provide a clear explanation of what HR and supervisors must do to prepare for and carry out a termination. Anniken literally wrote the book on the topic, Fire at Will.

In this 75-minute, interactive webinar, Anniken will give you definitive, practical guidance on:

  • The best way for supervisors to document discipline and performance to support legal terminations

  • The correct step-by-step protocol for termination meetings (where, when, with who and what to say)

  • What must ALWAYS be said during a termination … and what must NEVER be said

  • How to use a well-written severance agreement to avoid lawsuits

  • Simple words that ease tension and prevent arguments and violence during the firing

  • The best day and time of the week to terminate groups of employees versus individuals

  • How WARN and mini-WARN laws work when laying off large numbers of employees

  • When and how to contest unemployment benefits

  • What extra care to take if the employee has made a discrimination complaint

  • Plus, answers to your specific questions on termination policies and procedures!

In airplanes, takeoffs and landings are the most dangerous part of the flight. The same is true with employees. Hirings – and, even more so, firings – are the biggest flash points for employee lawsuits.

Now is the time to prepare yourself and your supervisors for the rollercoaster emotions … unpredictable actions … and legal risks that inevitably follow terminations.
Termination Workshop: How To Fire Without Lawsuits Or Drama
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