Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload

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Information overload, plus mountains of paper, minus time, equals stress. By the time you've finished answering the phone, returning calls, wading through email, and prioritizing the stack of papers spilling out of your in-box, you hardly have any time left to do your actual work. Not to mention that you need a three-week vacation just to get your concentration back.

Without the skills needed to make your way through a typical crazy workday, you could very well find yourself drowning in a sea of data, documents and distress. Then you need to get the rest of your work done.

This webinar will give you core skills to get you ahead of the wave of work that comes at you every day. You will learn how to plan to get the most out of every day and week - and stick to it. Effectively schedule and track multiple meetings for multiple people. Create an effective visual system that gets results. Understand the negative effects of multitasking and how to be twice as productive at the end of your day. Deal effectively with procrastination and interruptions. Learn how much time you really have.


What Is Time?
  • Governing Principles of Time Management
  • What to Do With Extra Time
  • Break the Multitasking Habit – and Get More Done
Time Logs
  • When and How to Use Them
  • =/– of Formats
  • Tips for Suggested Use
Pros and Cons of List Making
  • The Master Activity List
  • Benefits of Lists
  • Tips to Maintain
  • Take the Procrastination Inventory
  • Effective Strategies to End Procrastination
  • When Everything Is a Top Priority
  • Benefits
  • The Paired Comparison Process
  • Apply the Paired Comparison Process
  • What to Schedule
  • When to Schedule
  • How to Schedule
  • Scheduling Tips for Your Boss
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Visual Scheduling
  • Scheduling Interruptions
  • Scheduling Your Bosses Interruptions
  • Scheduling Red-Dot Time
  • Scheduling Availability
The 5-Step Time Management Plan
  • Putting It All Together in Your Unique Way
  • Create a System for You and Your Boss(es)
  • Know When to ...
About The Presenter

Patricia J. Hutchings
  • Founder and director of Unique Perspectives Un-Limited, Inc., an organization dedicated to promoting the potential in people
  • Professional coach providing specialty training in the areas of advanced reading and learning skills, communication (presentation and interpersonal) skills, stress and time management, team building and management training
  • Conducted intensive personal and professional development programs for more than 69,000 people in 13 countries
  • Dynamic and talented presenter, committed to helping people find value in their lives and in the workplace
  • Wrote, Managing Workplace Chaos: Solutions for Handling Information, Paper, Time and Stress, and Bumblebee Bits of Wisdom: A Collection of Quotes to Uplift Your Days
  • Interviewed for the Harvard Management Update, and was a guest on The Weekend Business Coach, for KBNP, 1410 AM in Portland, Oregon
  • Leader, seminar trainer, course developer and writer
  • Independent consultant and trainer since 1993, and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association
  • Frequent speaker at the Administrative Professionals Conference and judge for the American Management Association for the Administrative Excellence award
  • Presents all the administrative professionals courses for the American Management Association and wrote one of the courses in their administrative certificate program
  • Varied background in business management, accounting, fashion merchandising and communications
  • Consulted for business and corporate leaders, international banking organizations and political leaders world wide
Strategies to Manage a Chaotic Workload
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