Supervisors' Union Avoidance Playbook: What Management Should And Shouldn't Do When Organizing Is On The Table

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About This Course:
If your workplace is not currently unionized, pay close attention: April 14, 2015 is the effective date of the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) final ambush election rules. More than ever, you need to have sophisticated union avoidance strategies in place to counter this dramatically shorter election timetable.

What's your best weapon for union avoidance? It very well may be your frontline supervisors and line managers. But it's not enough for them to be anti-union. In fact, the appearance of hostility towards unionization could lead to a host of legal problems.

Because supervisors and managers are so integral to the overall worker experience, isn’t it time to consider the critical role they play in staying union-free? Join us on and bring your frontline supervisors and line managers along, for this informative and timely event on how they fit into your overall union avoidance strategy.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to interact with employees to drive home the point that unionizing is not necessary
  • How to cultivate good relationships with employees, enabling open communication
  • The signs of union-organizing to watch out for, so supervisors can counter pro-union arguments on your behalf without violating labor laws.
  • The important role supervisors and managers play in your overall union avoidance strategy
  • What frontline supervisors and line managers should never do or say
  • Tell-tale signs that supervisors and managers should watch for that likely signal union organizing efforts, and the playbook they should follow when they start hearing the pro-labor buzz
About Your Presenter:

Attorney Kevin C. McCormick, a member of the Labor and Employment Section with the Baltimore law firm of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, provides advice and counsel to public and private employers on all phases of the employment relationship to ensure compliance with applicable laws, avoid costly litigation, and, when necessary, successfully defend against individual and governmental challenges to policies and procedures.

Attorney Charles H. Kaplan is a Member of the Sills Cummis & Gross P.C. Employment and Labor Law Group and works in the firm’s New York office. Mr. Kaplan counsels management in the private and publice sectors on a wide variety of labor and employment law issues, including labor relations, union organizing and corporate campaigns, collective bargaining, labor arbitrations, unfair labor practices, strikes, picketing, boycotts, and labor injunctions. He represents employers throughout the United States in federal and state trial and appellate courts, as well as before the National Labor Relations Board.
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