Talent-Based Interviewing: Best Questions, Best Practices

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About This Course:
Traditional interview questions focus on the applicant's past: Where have you worked? What have you done? What have you learned?

But you need to know how people will perform in YOUR workplace. Enter talent-based interviewing.

This increasingly popular interviewing technique asks questions about real-life situations, phrased in a unique way to elicit a candidate's first (natural) response. It's a better assessment of future performance in actual work situations – and the ideal way to smoke out stock answers and "professional” interviewers.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • The best talent-based interview questions
  • How to phrase and deliver questions effectively
  • Why (and how) you should review résumés from a talent-based approach
  • How to use the handy Talent Matrix to assess the core performance attributes in any role
  • Answers to YOUR specific questions about hiring interviews from a true expert
Our speaker, Jay Forte, delivered this presentation to a packed house at the national SHRM conference. Now you and your team can benefit from his insights – from the comfort of your office.

Talent-based interviews are a powerful way to assess employee fit. What makes them effective is that they require on-the-spot thinking and responses to real-life events. This basically tells you how a candidate thinks and solves problems before he or she is hired.

Better interview questions = better hires. And that reflects better on you!

Today's fast-moving workplace has changed what we need from employees and, therefore, how we hire them. Talent-based interviews better assess candidate talents and attitudes toward actual workplace situations. You and your management team can learn how to ask the right questions...and get the right candidates.
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