Techniques For Handling Employees With Poor Attitudes And Performance

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Have you ever had one of those employees with a poor attitude that infects the rest of the team's performance? You know how frustrating it can be on you as well as the rest of the team.

It is important for supervisors to learn and understand general performance management strategies. The strategies can then be translated into departmental, group and individual employee goals that tie into the overall organization's objectives.

By learning a variety of performance management techniques, such as linking individual goals to strategic goals, you will be able to reduce workplace conflict, increase managerial consistency, improve overall management of those employees with poor attitudes, develop plans for handling employees who are failing to meet performance requirements.

By taking proactive steps to prevent problems from developing and implement a clear, strategic plan after problems do develop, you will have a better chance of getting problematic employees back on track.

For those employees who simply will not improve their attitudes, or who continue to fail to meet required productivity standards, the documentation generated through proper performance management will ensure your company is protected if termination becomes the necessary step.


Best Practices When a Manager Approaches the Poor Attitude and Performance
  • Using Effective Communication to Assist Employees
  • The Importance of Good Listening Skills and How to Make Sure You Are Hearing the Employees
  • The Manager's Role in Promoting Positive Attitudes
How to Boost Employee Performance by Improving Attitudes
  • Why It Is Important to Separate Personality From Performance
  • How to Avoid the Snowball Effect With the Team
  • Coaching vs. Counseling and When the Appropriate Time to Use Each
  • Successful Counseling Techniques for Employees With Poor Attitudes
  • Encouraging Positive Behaviors Which Will Lead to More Positive Attitudes
Management and Leadership Skills to Help You Manage Those Employees With Poor Attitudes
  • The Best Ways to Manage Conflict Between and Among Employees
  • How to Keep Emotions in Check During Conflict and Confrontational Situations
  • Assertive Communication Techniques to Use to Overcome Negative Situations
  • How Constructive Criticism Encourages the Employee to Change
  • Ideas for Creating a Positive and Supportive Work Environment
  • Techniques to Help Employees Motivate Themselves
  • Best Practices and Case Studies

Jackie A. Sexson
  • Compliance and employment practices manager at Fortune 300 company
  • Former executive director with the legal and human resources consulting firm, The Sexson Group
  • Extensive experience in employment and labor law, as well as human resources
  • Has a legal and HR background in employee relations, performance management (360-degree feedback), organizational management, benefits administration, recruitment and selection, compensation, equal employment opportunity, and training and development
  • Experience with the public sector, Fortune 500 companies and small startup companies
  • Held director and executive level positions, and worked as an independent consultant
  • Certified as a senior professional in human resources by the Society for Human Resources Management
  • J.D. and M.B.A. degrees
Techniques For Handling Employees With Poor Attitudes And Performance
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