Telling Your Story: Keys To An Effective EEOC Position Statement

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About This Course:
No one likes being on the receiving end of an EEOC charge, but EEOC charges are a virtual constant for human resources personnel and employment attorneys.

Responding promptly, thoroughly, and effectively to a charge can make the difference between the EEOC dismissing the charge and launching a full-fledged attack in the courts.

This webinar helps people tasked with responding to an EEOC charge identify and understand the facts and issues relevant to their particular charge and respond to the charge in a thorough, effective, and persuasive manner. The position statement is the primary and often the only opportunity for the employer to tell its story to the EEOC. This course will give employers and attorneys alike the tools necessary to telling their story.


  • Statutes Enforced by the EEOC and Types of Charges
  • Recent Charge Trends
  • The Role of the Position Statement in the Charge Process
  • Themes to Remember
Receiving the Charge and Preliminary Review
  • Initial Review
  • Collection and Preservation of Documents
  • Confidentiality
  • Watch out for Retaliation
Introduce Yourself (to the EEOC)
  • Notice of Appearance
  • Extension
  • Mediation
Internal Investigation
  • Review of Documents
  • Witness Interviews
  • Identify Possible Discrepancies and Weaknesses
  • Identify Documents to Use
Drafting Your Statement
  • Things to Remember
  • Pieces of an Effective Statement
  • Including Documents
Requests for Information
About The Presenter

Laura E. Carlisle
  • Associate in the New Orleans office of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
  • Experience defending clients with respect to a variety of employment-related matters, including state and federal wage disputes, FLSA violations, discrimination and harassment allegations, retaliation, and other policy violations; experience advising and defending clients with respect to other employment-related matters such as noncompete and confidentiality agreements, severance agreements, nondisparagement clauses, and wage and hour issues
  • Wrote "Rules of the Game: The EEOC's Pre-Suit Conciliation Obligations and the Scope of Judicial Review," for the March 2015 issue of The Federal Lawyer; co-wrote "Individualizing the FLSA: Collective Action Waivers and the Split in the Federal Circuits," The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies (February 4, 2013); and has co-presented a number of seminars pertaining to legal issues in the employment context
  • J.D. degree, Vanderbilt University Law School
Telling Your Story: Keys To An Effective EEOC Position Statement
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