Thanks For The Feedback: How To Give It (And Take It) The Right Way — Every Time

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About This Course:
As a professional, you can certainly give feedback. But the question is: can you take it?

Learning how to respond to the spoken or unspoken feedback you receive is a science and an art. And how well you receive feedback impacts how well you give it.

Feedback is at the heart of good leadership, effective teamwork, efficient problem solving, developing talent, and the ability to understand and serve the needs of clients and customers. And yet, few organizations or leaders feel they have it "right”.

Attend this Harvard Law School program to provide incisive training on this critical topic. Sheila Heen, negotiation expert and Harvard Law School lecturer, will share her techniques for success on both sides of the feedback equation. Bring your entire executive team to:
  • Examine the triggers that cause you to dismiss feedback before you fully understand it
  • Find useful ways to shift from "that's wrong” to "tell me more”
  • Explore useful ways to respond when you strongly disagree
  • Understand your own blind spots
  • Discover how wiring and temperament affect how you experience and interpret feedback
  • See how to dismantle distortions and see feedback honestly
  • Work on practical ways to elicit feedback and engage in effective conversations
  • Master guidelines to become a more empathetic and effective feedback giver
  • And more!
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