The ADA, Addiction And Alcoholism: What An Employer Needs To Know

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About This Course:
One of the most misunderstood and confounding problems impacting businesses today is managing drug and alcohol abuse within its workforce.

The enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act made the problem even more difficult for employers to manage. Moreover, recent amendments to the ADA bring the ADA's protections to more people.

This webinar will explain how the amendments impact management of those with addictions. How should an employer handle the situation when an employee comes forward with a drug or alcohol problem? What about when an employee appears to be intoxicated while at work? What protections are afforded an employee in such situations? How can an employer limit its exposure to employment claims from those in its workforce who are abusing drugs or alcohol?

This course is designed to educate legal and HR professionals in addressing those situations within the boundaries of the ADA, and it will also help you know when the ADA is in play and when it is not. Not only will this webinar cover the law, but it will also provide practical strategies for working within the law, both in the context of recommended policies and through case studies, to reduce an employer's exposure to ADA claims.


ADA Basics and Recent Changes
  • Definition of Disability
  • Reasonable Accommodation
Application of Protections to Abuse Problems
  • Drug Addiction and Alcoholism
  • Exclusion of Current Use
Reasonable Accommodation
  • Blaming Misconduct on Drug Use and Alcoholism
  • Reasonable Accommodation for Drug Addicts and Alcoholics
  • How to Approach an Employee Who May Have a Problem
  • Testing Issues
Defending Against Claims From Addicts and Alcoholics
  • Workplace Rules
  • Recommended Policies
  • Management Strategies
Case Studies
About The Presenter

J. William Manuel
  • Partner at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
  • Focuses practice primarily on commercial and employment litigation; has handled various disputes for both large and small businesses in both Mississippi and other jurisdictions
  • Has experience in advising businesses on issues involving age discrimination, sexual harassment and wage/overtime disputes; focus is on active litigation from the initial discovery process through trial
  • Handles commercial, products liability and employment discrimination cases in forums in both Mississippi and across the country; has represented companies in varying industries including manufacturers, financial services, and nationwide retailers
The ADA, Addiction And Alcoholism: What An Employer Needs To Know
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