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The Boomerang Effect: To Rehire Or Not To Rehire Former Employees Who Want To Return

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Sometimes, the grass appears greener on the other side of the fence, but it can be much less green once you get there. For employees who leave a company to take a new position elsewhere, that can often be the case. And, more often than not, would like to return to your organization.

When a top performer leaves and expresses interest in returning, the employer’s first instinct may be to make space for them immediately. However, that might not be the best decision for the company. When is it wise to rehire a former employee, and when you should approach with caution? Even if it’s a great re-hire, what kinds of administrative red flags are out there? And, how should you handle things such as their 401(k) plans, vesting and PTO accrual?

Join us to find out when it’s a good idea to rehire a former employee, and when it is wise to say thanks, but no thanks. Stefanie Lomax, M.S., PHR, SHRM-CP of JLM HR Consulting, will walk you through the decision-making process before you make the call as to whether to welcome back a boomerang employee.

Learning Objectives
  • Why the boomerang employee trend is growing
  • The tangible benefits of rehiring boomerang employees, and “softer”, yet invaluable, benefits of rehiring a worker that wants to return
  • Red flags to watch out for when it comes to rehiring an employee
  • How to handle the logistical details
  • When to say “no” to an employee who wants to return
  • What you can do when an employee resigns to make them want to return in the future
  • And much more!
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Stefanie Lomax, M.S., PHR, SHRM-CP
JLM HR Consulting LLC

Stefanie Lomax has over 18 years of experience across various industries and is relied upon as the HR expert for a variety of organizations. In her roles, she has assisted companies with implementing compensation programs, recruiting, training, performance management, employee relations, benefits administration and more. She has been a featured guest on online radio, and social media blogs, including She is an adjunct professor, and holds a Master’s degree in HR Management. She currently provides consulting services to small to mid-sized businesses, providing them with expert advice relating to job descriptions, handbook/policy development, compensation/benchmarking studies, benefits administration/implementation, performance management processes/implementation and other HR related areas.
The Boomerang Effect: To Rehire Or Not To Rehire Former Employees Who Want To Return
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