The Hazard Communication Answer Book

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About This Course:
The Hazard Communication Standard is intended to insure that employers make their employees aware of the chemical hazards to which they may be exposed. Hazcom is one of the most important and one of the most frequently violated OSHA Standards and, with OSHA adopting the Global Harmonization Standard, will only become more confusing.

To help companies better understand the Hazcom standard and the changes to be brought about by the Global Harmonization Standard we now offer The Hazard Communication Answer Book.

The Hazard Communication Answer Book is the one place where you can get the information you need to understand the changes to be brought about by the Global Harmonization Standard. This comprehensive manual will help you:

  • Learn what the Global Harmonization Standard is and why your understanding of it is crucial
  • Understand how the new standard will affect your workplace
  • Learn what changes are required in classification, labeling, and employee training
  • Learn about the new labels, pictograms, and SDS sheets
  • Get practical tips for compliance that you can implement right away

Table Of Contents:

  • What is GHS?
  • How is GHS to be applied to Hazcom?
  • What are the new changes in the GHS/Hazard Communication Standard?
  • How will the Hazcom/GHS standard be enforced?
  • Questions and answers on the new Hazcom/GHS standard


Included with the book is a free, customizable Hazard Communication Program on CD to help you create and implement your company's plan and meet compliance standards as quickly and easily as possible.

The Hazard Communication Answer Book
Price: $69.95
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