The Impact Of Social Security Benefits And Medicare Compliance On Workers' Compensation Settlements

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About This Course:
You will learn how the interrelationship between SS disability benefits and workers' compensation makes settlement of WC cases more attractive for the injured worker. This live audio conference will also cover the possible off-set for SS old age benefits as a factor in valuing cases for settlement.

The parties to a WC case are now the worker, the employer/insurer and Medicare. You will learn how compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act effects both Medicare beneficiaries and nonbeneficiaries who are resolving the medical portion of a WC claim. The panel will answer the following questions: Which cases are reported to Medicare? What are the obligations of the parties to Medicare? Can the cumbersome process of Medicare approval be avoided? How can the parties reasonably consider Medicare's interest without overfunding the MSA?

Attendance will help all to de-mystify the impact of the SS Act on workers' compensation settlements and will provide authoritative references to the latest cases and opinions on the subject.

AgendaThe Benefit to the Injured Worker of Settling the Disability/Wage Loss Portion of the Claim

  • The Effect on SS Disability Benefits When WC Benefits Are Resolved
  • Language Needed in the Settlement Documents
  • The Effect of SS Old Age Benefits on WC Benefits
The Consideration of Medicare's Interest in the Settlement of The Medical Portion of the Claim

  • Where the Injured Worker Is a Medicare Beneficiary
  • Act 111 Reporting
  • Resolving Medicare's Lien for Medical Expenses It Has Paid
  • Allocating for Future Medical Care
  • The Medicare Approval Process and Alternatives to Its Use
  • Where the Injured Worker Is Not a Medicare Beneficiary
  • Allocating for Future Medical Care
  • The Medicare Approval Process and Alternatives to Its Use
The Risks and Obligations of the Parties in Medicare Compliance

  • Consequences of Noncompliance to the Injured Worker and Employer
  • Avoiding Overfunding of Medicare Set-Asides: Reasonably Predicting the Cost of Future Care

Aaron Frederickson, Esq., MSCC

  • With MSP Compliance Solutions, LLC
  • Areas of practice include Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, conditional payment investigation and resolution, section 111 reporting/MMSEA compliance and mediation services
  • Has published on numerous occasions though the Workers' Compensation Institute (WCI), The Workers' Compensation Update, Lex and Verum/National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary, the National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals (NAMSAP), Minnesota Trial Magazine/Minnesota Association for Justice,, The Iowa Defense Counsel Association, Minnesota CLE, Bench and Bar of Minnesota, Wisconsin Lawyer and other publications
  • Taught numerous classes and course through NAMSAP Educational Conferences, Wisconsin Association of Workers' Compensation Attorneys (WAWCA), Minnesota CLE, Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association, Minnesota Association for Justice, Hennepin County Bar Association and the Twin Cities Claims Association
  • J.D. degree, William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota; B.A. degree in political science, magna cum laude, St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota
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Charles S. Katz Jr., Esq.

  • Engaged in the practice of law as a sole practitioner with an office in Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • More than 40 years practicing in workers' compensation law representing workers, employers, and insurers with an emphasis on Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance
  • Has been elected by his peers as a "Pennsylvania Super Lawyer" and holds the highest rating by Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory
  • Lectures nationally on the topic of workers' compensation and has been a regular Lorman speaker since 1985
  • Member of the Lexis-Nexis National Advisory Board for workers' compensation
  • Active member of NAMSAP (National Alliance of Medicare Set-Aside Professionals)
  • J.D. degree, American University, Washington College of Law; B.S. degree, Bucknell University
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Who Should Attend

This teleconference is designed for human resource managers, attorneys, benefits professionals, workers compensation managers, claims and risk managers, insurance professionals, presidents, vice presidents and business owners.

The Impact Of Social Security Benefits And Medicare Compliance On Workers' Compensation Settlements
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