The New HR Rules: Employment Law Update 2018

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Keeping up with employment law changes is an important part of your job. And HR has seen a flurry of activity in the first two years of the Trump administration.

Are you in compliance? How should you prepare for the other changes coming in 2018 and beyond?

Join us for a special webinar, The New HR Rules: Employment Law Update 2018. It's your all-in-one update on the key legislative and regulatory changes affecting your organization – and what you need to do to get in compliance. Your boss will expect you to know … and this webinar is the simplest way to update yourself on HR compliance for 2018.

Which Trump administration actions are currently affecting HR? What's the future of issues like overtime law, sexual harassment and paid maternity leave? And what about the new crackdown on undocumented workers?

Join your peers to discover everything you need to know about the HR-related requirements coming from the DOL, EEOC, NLRB, IRS, Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court, plus trends in state/local legislatures.

Your mid-year HR update will cover these topics and more:
  • Sexual harassment. The explosion of harassment headlines has given your employees more courage to sue. How does this increased scrutiny translate into action by Congress, states and the EEOC? And what should your organization be doing now to prevent a #MeToo complaint?

  • Overtime. Obama's rewrite of the federal overtime rules is dead. Now Trump's DOL is taking a shot. What's the timeline … and what will that proposal say? The agency is considering new tests, new salary levels and a pro-business overhaul. Learn what's coming next – and how to prepare.

  • Your disability policy. Employers are paying millions to settle charges that their policies requiring workers to be 100% healed before returning to work are illegal under the ADA. Update your policies NOW … here's how.

  • Arbitration agreements. Discover the impact of recent (and upcoming) U.S. Supreme Court cases on your employment policies – including the big new ruling on arbitration agreements and class action limits. Is it time to create (or rewrite) your arbitration policy?

  • Labor laws affecting all. The NLRB went wild in recent years, forcing changes to your employee handbook, dress code, at-will statements, social media and more. What's next now that the Trump administration has changed the composition of the NLRB, issued new rulings and hired a new general counsel …and what steps should you take?

  • EEOC's litigation blitz. The EEOC has been on a lawsuit binge. Learn how to rewrite your policies based on new EEOC rules, including those relating to gay and transgender workers, sexual harassment and equal-pay claims.

  • New pay equity laws. The #MeToo movement is also leading to changes in equal-pay laws, including bans on questions about applicants' salary histories. Find out what's next for national, state and local laws.

  • Marijuana. The shifting laws on marijuana affect your policies, drug testing and ADA compliance. How should you change your drug-testing policies?

  • 'Family' policies. Paid leave laws, mothers' rooms, pregnancy bias and other new rules affecting employees with families could be changing in the months to come.

  • 'Scheduling bias.' What is it and why should you care?

  • Ban-the-Box laws. How to react to this movement, plus the new unemployment anti-bias laws.

  • Health care. What's the future of the ACA, and what should HR be doing now?
Your executives expect you to stay up-to-date on compliance issues … and know what's coming down the pike. You can learn about these requirements the easy way (a quick 75-minute briefing) or the hard way (lots of research or, worse, an unexpected legal claim).

Plus, this interactive webinar allows you to get answers to all your employment law questions from a true expert, attorney Anniken Davenport, editor of the HR Specialist: Employment Law newsletter. And because this is a webinar, there is NO LIMIT to the number of colleagues you can invite to join you.

Join us for this empowering event so you can stay up-to-date, in compliance and out of court!
The New HR Rules: Employment Law Update 2018
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