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The New Overtime Rules: How To Comply, How To Prepare

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Employers are about to be hit with the biggest change to U.S. wage-and-hour law in more than a decade. Will your organization be ready to comply?

Don't get caught flat-footed by the U.S. Department of Labor's highly controversial rewrite of the overtime exemption rules. A hefty increase in the salary threshold (from $23,660 to $50,440 per year) will mean millions more employees would become eligible for overtime.

Join us for a clear explanation of these proposed rules, plus practical advice on how your organization should respond and prepare.

When the DOL last tried to revise the FLSA exemption regulations in 2004, overtime lawsuits exploded nationwide (see chart). Experts say that trend is likely to continue when the complex new FLSA regulations take effect.

You'll learn the nuts and bolts of the new rules plus answers to strategic questions like:
  • Should you convert exempt workers to hourly status rather than pay increased weekly base salary?
  • How should you deal with new exempt classification rules?
  • When should you add bonuses and other incentives to base pay to meet new minimum weekly base salary?
  • Should you lower the hourly equivalent rates of pay for formerly exempt workers to make up for new overtime hours?
  • Should you rewrite your job descriptions? If so, how?
  • Should you hire part-time employees in lieu of paying full-time workers overtime?
  • Are you prepared for increased recordkeeping?
  • How will more hourly positions impact your recruiting efforts — can you hire more professional independent contractors to perform exempt work at lower rates?
Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask Anniken your own questions about these complex, confusing new rules.

Your executive team will expect you to understand what the DOL rules say, what they mean and how your organization should respond. On December 22, learn how to comply with these all-important overtime rules and restructure your compensation in the most legally safe and financially sound way.
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