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The Science Of Workplace Performance: How To Leverage Learning And Development To Improve Engagement, Productivity And Retention

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Only 32% of Americans today are engaged in the workplace. Additionally, 70% of the variance in engagement is attributed to their manager.

Creating a culture that focuses on employee engagement is just as important for the company as it is for the employee. By establishing successful employee engagement programs, companies can expect to see an average of 40% in staff turnover and a 6% rise in net profit margins. Furthermore, the average cost to replace a mid-level employee is about 20% of the employee’s annual salary.

By implementing employee engagement strategies into your learning and development programs, new employees will feel welcomed and confident that they can excel and succeed in their roles right from the start. The purpose is to create a culture where employees feel connected and that their everyday jobs contribute to the overall success of the company.

Join us when Don Rheem, CEO of E3 Solutions, will help you understand the impact that engaged employees have on an organization and steps you must take to get there.

Learning Objectives
  • How to recognize the difference between engaged and disengaged employees—and the damaging impact disengagement has on an organization
  • How to develop a list of steps that will quickly encourage higher levels of employee engagement
  • The factors that drive employee engagement at a neurological level and the benefits that come from encouraging it
  • How to identify employee behaviors and build a new social ecosystem in the workplace
  • How to identify leadership behaviors that may inhibit the road to establishing an engaged culture
  • And more!
About Your Presenter

Donald L. Rheem II
E3 Solutions

Don Rheem comes to us with over 30 years of experience in consulting, science and business solutions. His background in science led him to create E3 Solutions, a company that is dedicated to helping leaders build high performing organizations with highly engaged employees.

Prior to establishing E3 Solutions, Mr. Rheem was a White House correspondent, public affairs executive and science and technology advisor to Congress and the Secretary of Health and Human Services. He is dedicated to helping his clients derive more value and impact from everyday business functions and has developed a methodology to get employees more engaged and better positioned for success.

Mr. Rheem has coached leaders in both private and non-profit sectors including organizations such as: Major League Baseball, Bank of America, The National Institute for Health (NIH) and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
The Science Of Workplace Performance: How To Leverage Learning And Development To Improve Engagement, Productivity And Retention
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