The 'Stay Conversation': HR's Best Retention Tool

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Have you ever sat down with your best employees in a one-on-one discussion and asked "What makes you stay?" and, on the flip side, "What's the one thing that would make you leave?"

Stay Conversations are a simple, powerful discussion that can help you identify problem areas before they become reasons for quitting. Studies show that companies who conduct Stay Conversations (also called "Stay Interviews") enjoy a higher percentage of engaged, motivated employees – and their turnover is much lower. And with unemployment so low, it's essential that you learn how to use Stay Conversations to retain your best employees now before they jump to a competitor.

Mel Kleiman, the leading authority on hiring and retention in North America (and a fun, engaging speaker), will explain the reasons you need to be having Stay Conversations – and the best strategies for conducting them. In this brand new webinar, you will discover:
  • How to create and administer an efficient, effective Stay Conversation program
  • Which employees to include – all employees or a select few?
  • When to conduct – and how often
  • The best questions to ask (example: What's our company's dumbest rule?)
  • How to best interpret and act on the information
  • How to boost your most valued employees' job satisfaction and level of engagement
  • What employees want most from their jobs
Exit interviews are fine, but how often do you find yourself saying "I didn't know you were unhappy – why didn't you tell me?" That's essentially closing the barn door after the horse is already out.

Invest 75 minutes to learn how conducting Stay Conversations can be your direct path to lower turnover, happier employees and kudos from your boss. The tight labor market makes this an essential webinar for any HR professional or employer!
The 'Stay Conversation': HR's Best Retention Tool
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