Time Mastery Assessment

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About This Course:
Do you feel that you - or one of your direct reports - could be more productive, effective, or better at prioritizing their workload? Then the Time Mastery Profile can help.

The Time Mastery Profile assesses time-management effectiveness in 12 critical areas, and helps people create a personal plan for improving their time management and productivity skills in key areas.

The Profile gives you an objective assessment of where you can improve your skills. You start by completing an online assessment that generates a personalized and comprehensive individualized profile. From there, you simply review and apply the recommendations to improve your management skills!What You'll Learn:You start by completing the Time Mastery profile. After completion, you receive a 32-page individualized Time Mastery profile (see attached for a sample, which we pair with an individualized review session with a professional facilitator. Your profile and consultation will provide details on:
  • Your Overall Time Mastery Level Score indicating current proficiency/skill level to give you a sense of how your current habits align with best practices for effective time management.
  • Time Mastery Profile Graph indicating skill level score on 12 specific elements of time management, including:
    • Attitudes
    • Goals
    • Priorities
    • Analyzing
    • Planning
    • Interruptions
    • Meetings
    • Written Communication
    • Procrastination
    • Team Time
  • A detailed Skill Gap Analysis comparing your current mastery of each element against its relevance to your job so you can better prioritize what areas to focus on in order to have the greatest impact in your professional life.
  • A guide to improving your time-management habits based on your score baseline so you can implement your personalized action plan and be on your way to improving your overall approach to time management - an enjoying the benefits of increased productivity and reduced stress levels that come along with taking control of how you spend your time.
  • A one-to-one 60 minute individualized review of your Time Mastery profile with one of our facilitators - conducted via web or telephone - who will provide additional guidance and help you make sense of it all and help get your game plan in motion.
Order today to learn how to boost your or your team member's productivity, effectiveness, and ability to prioritize. The cost is well worth it!

Pricing/Delivery Options
  • Assessment with debrief is only $295 per person
  • Pricing on volume assessment quantities of ten or more available upon request
Time Mastery Assessment
Price: $295.00
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