Toxic Personalities At Work: How To Confront And Manage Effectively

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Every office has at least one, the employee with the toxic personality, the person who manages to bring down everyone else on a daily basis. There are many variations:
  • Downer Dave, who has a perennial storm cloud over his head (and manages to get everyone else emotionally drenched, too)
  • Slacker Simon, who puts in a solid 46 minutes of real work every business day
  • Gossipy Gussie, who is a veritable font of information, and misinformation, shared in sneaky whispers and asides
  • Martyr Myrtle, who is doing just fine, thank you, despite her grievously unfair lot in life that she is happy to discuss at length on a daily basis
  • Blowup Bob, who has a hair-trigger temper and a tendency to yell. A lot
  • Complainer Cate, who never met a task she was excited or positive about
Regardless of the particular type you’re dealing with, he or she is taking a toll on your workplace. A recent study of 1,000 employees from leadership consulting firm Fierce revealed that toxic colleagues both increase stress and decrease job satisfaction. But most workplaces never address the problem directly.

While you may be reluctant to act for fear of triggering an argument, or, worse, a lawsuit, failing to rectify the problem of the toxic employee can create lasting damage to your workplace morale, productivity, and employee retention.

Join us for a widely popular webinar where Catherine Mattice will teach you how to identify the toxic personalities lurking in your workplace while providing practical strategies on how to address the issues they can cause.What You'll Learn:
  • Identify various types of toxic behaviors in your employees
  • Use a 3-step conversation tool to talk with the toxic person about their behavior and its effects on others
  • Provide coaching using a proven method to improve behavior
  • Clearly define expectations for how the toxic behavior must change
  • Maintain emotions and control frustrations
  • Set boundaries in a respectful and professional way
  • Understand and abide by legal limits around ADA-protected and other employees, maintaining required accommodations if any
  • Document interactions and set a timeline for goals achieved
  • Provide rewards for change, or penalties if no progress is made
  • And much more!
Toxic Personalities At Work: How To Confront And Manage Effectively
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