Trade Show Success

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About This Course:
Consider that only 24% of exhibitors set specific objectives for tradeshows, and that only 14% of exhibitors have any organized form of post-show follow-up, and you'll realize why most exhibitors never maximize their trade show potential - until now!

Our "Trade Show Success!" program teaches you the latest and best practices and the best kept secrets of highly productive exhibitors!

You'll receive compelling information that causes you to better understand, appreciate - and maximize - the opportunities tradeshows present.

Learning Objectives

Our "Trade Show Success!" training program integrates DVD videos, CD-ROMS, tools, templates, and audio presentations, along with workbooks, team leader guides, and pocket cards that teach the latest trends and best exhibiting practices that make tradeshows more productive and profitable.

You and your exhibit team will work through through a series of pre-, at-, and post-show strategy meetings that will make all of your tradeshows more productive and profitable - and pay for itself many times over!

You Receive Modules For:

  • Pre-Show Preparation
  • At-Show Strategies
  • Post-Show Essentials

Each Module Includes:

  • Informational DVD with instructional content
  • interviews from the Trade Show industries' leading experts
  • Instructional PowerPoint CD-ROM that summarize essential areas for learning and action
  • Resource Guide of tools and worksheets
  • Team Leaders Guide containing practical and informative directions to lead your team to trade show success!

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Trade Show Success
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