Understanding The Integration Of FMLA, WC, Disability, And COBRA TimeLines

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About This Course:
How do workers' compensation, FMLA, disability, and COBRA laws work - together, independently or concurrently? What can run together? What cannot? When can we cancel the health plan, for what reason and is it a COBRA qualifying event?

Pull all of these together to explain the employer's liability. When can coverage be cancelled? What laws protect employee benefits?

Many times all of these laws touch ONE person - you need to be sure your corporate policies and actions are in compliance with all of the requirements of the laws.


FMLA, Workers' Compensation, Disability and COBRA?
  • Which of These Laws Are Mandated?
  • What Size Employers Must Abide?
  • Purpose – Not a Mandate
  • Replaces Income – Salary Insurance
  • Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability
  • Does Not Coordinate With Other Employee Benefits
  • Purpose – Protects Job and Benefits
  • What Employer's Must Abide?
  • How Are Employees Counted?
  • Time Line – 12 Weeks, New 26 Weeks Military-Related
  • When Does Leave Start?
  • What Should Happen the First Day of the 13th (27th) Week?
Workers' Compensation
  • Purpose – State Mandate
  • Protects What? Less Than You Think!
  • Can Employee Benefits Be Canceled While out on Workers' Compensation?
  • Is There a COBRA Qualifying Event?
COBRA – Federal
  • Purpose
  • 18-Month Events
  • Reduction in Work Hours – Should Use More Often?
Time Lines
  • How Do FMLA, COBRA and Workers' Compensation Work Together?
  • When Should Each Begin and End?
Written Policy
  • Employer Must Have Before It Happens
  • Approved Leaves – How Will It Impact Employee Benefits?
  • The Problems Lack of a Policy Can Cause
  • Be Sure Employer's Written Policy Is Supported by Employee Benefit Contracts
About The Presenters

Paula H. Harvey, M.B.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR, ASC
  • Strategic Global Human Resources professional
  • Professional experience has spanned more than 28 years
  • Multilingual and has spoken to both global and national audiences on many subjects in the Human Resources and Safety fields
  • Worked in a wide variety of industries including construction products, manufacturing, distribution, retail, engineering services, furniture and steel fabrication
  • Active member of SHRM serving as the 2014-2015 NCSHRM Director-Emeritus, past Membership Advisory Council (MAC) Representative, and past-president of two SHRM chapters
  • Honored with the NCSHRM Humanitarian of the Year in 2014, NCSHRM HR Professional of the Year in 2005, and the 2009 HR Consultant of the Year awards
  • Inducted in 2012 to the NCSHRM HR Hall of Fame
  • Global and nationally-certified HR and Safety Professional and instructs at many institutions of higher learning
  • M.B.A. degree, with a concentration in human resource management, UNC Charlotte; B.B.A. degree in international marketing and operations management, University of Texas at Austin
Understanding The Integration Of FMLA, WC, Disability, And COBRA TimeLines
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