Updating Your Employee Handbook To Comply With New Laws In 2017

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About This Course:
Many employers are in the dark when drafting or revising employee handbooks. Laws are constantly changing, and there is no comprehensive area to receive these updates to ensure policies comply with the law.

Many non-union employers do not understand the impact the National Labor Relations Board has on their workplaces.

This webinar helps point out the common pitfalls with employer handbooks, and provides legal updates that should be translated into compliant policies for the workplace.

We will also address the relevant National Labor Relations Board decisions impacting every employer's handbook policies as well as tips for drafting compliant policies. Out of date handbooks are a common point of litigation, and can open employers up to a host of legal issues.


  • Handbook Objectives
  • Common Handbook Mistakes
Handbooks Musts, Shoulds, and Maybes
  • Include Information That Must, Should, Maybe Included
  • Handbook Don'ts
Hot Topics for 2017
  • NLRB Enforcement
  • Drug Use
  • Domestic Partners
How to Craft a Handbook Complaint With the NLRB
  • Attacks by the NLRB and Suggested Language for Handbooks
Drafting and Implementing Policies
About The Presenter

Danielle C. Garcia, Esq.
  • Associate attorney in the San Diego office of Fisher & Phillips LLP
  • Practice focuses on representing clients in all aspects of labor and employment law, including traditional labor relations management, harassment, and discrimination
  • Experienced in drafting employee handbooks as well as advising clients on compliant handbook additions
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on drafting handbooks and compliant policies
  • Wrote publications related to the areas of traditional labor and employment law, including arbitration agreements and other components of employee handbooks
Updating Your Employee Handbook To Comply With New Laws In 2017
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