Volunteer Handbook Essentials For Your Nonprofit

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About This Course:
Too many people are thrown into volunteer situations without a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. Even supervisors sometimes aren't sure what to do with volunteers.

This webinar will not only provide field-tested tools for developing effective volunteer handbooks, but it will highlight critical legal issues to consider, plus policies and procedures that must be in place in order to develop volunteer handbooks. The class will address not only issues important to volunteers but also to supervisors of volunteers.


Before Developing the Handbook
  • Clarify Types of Volunteers Within the Organization
  • Develop Board-Approved Policies for Volunteers
  • Identify Essential Procedures
  • Procure Funding for Handbook(s)
Components of the Handbook
  • Organizational Overview
  • Recruitment Issues
  • Orientation/Training Topics
  • Supervision, Performance Reviews and Dismissal
  • Recognition Strategies
Approval of the Handbook
  • Policies and Legal Issues
  • Procedural Issues
Examples of Handbooks
  • Styles and Formats
  • Costs and Updates
About The Presenter

Marilyn L. Donnellan, MS
  • More than 30 years of experience as a nonprofit CEO and consultant
  • Supervised thousands of volunteers and hundreds of staff
  • Conducts regular workshops, seminars and webinars on all aspects of nonprofit management
  • Internationally known author of more than 20 books on nonprofit management, as well as numerous articles in journals like, The Nonprofit Times and Nonprofit Digest
  • Books and guides published online at,, and
  • Winner of the SEToolbelt award for innovation with the guide, “The Six-Hour Strategic Plan”
  • Author of the 17 guides in The Hour Series of Guides for Nonprofit Management, including, “The Four-Hour Volunteer Development Process”
  • B.A. degree in human resources management, George Fox University; M.S. degree, in Administration, Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary
Volunteer Handbook Essentials For Your Nonprofit
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