What Not To Wear: How To Fashion And Enforce Rule On Tattoos, Piercings, Dress, And Body Expression

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About This Course:
Dress codes seem like they should be cut and dry, right? Unfortunately, they aren’t.
  • Can you ban an employee tattoo even if it's part of a religious practice?
  • Can you prohibit headwear if it’s part of someone’s personal expression?
  • What about dress codes related to safety rules?
  • Do you allow workers to wear T-shirts with offensive slogans or pictures?
  • Can you specify different dress codes for women and men?
  • Can you place limits on employee piercings?
Employers struggle with these questions as they try on different dress codes to find the right fit. The workplace is much more relaxed than it used to be, and business casual is more casual than ever.

How your employees dress makes a statement about your organization, but dress codes are loosening up as piercings and tattoos become more commonplace. As summer approaches and clothing gets lighter (and shorter), you need to balance the need for employees to look professional while permitting self-expression, which can help with recruitment and retention.

Learning Objectives:
  • Key dress code rules for keeping your employees neat and your actions within the law
  • How to strike a balance between office “dress code generations”—so the casual and suit-and-tie crowds are equally satisfied
  • How to handle scantily-clad workers, tattoos, and piercings—without getting sued
  • How to address dress codes for different jobs and career levels, from the C-suite to the warehouse
  • Exceptions in the cases of health, religion, and culture: What you need to know, what you need to allow, and why you need to allow it
  • How much you should and shouldn’t say in your dress code policy
  • Tips on effectively, and legally, communicating your dress codes with employees
  • Tactics for handling employees who refuse to work with your policies—and when it’s time to bring in some legal back-up
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter:

Andria Ryan, a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher & Phillips LLP, serves as the chair of the firm’s Hospitality Industry Practice Group. She represents employers in virtually every area of employment and labor law. She also spends much of her time counseling employers in day-to-day employment and labor decisions and educating employers about prevention and practical solutions to workplace problems.

Ryan is a frequent speaker to industry groups and human resources professionals on such topics as avoiding harassment in the workplace, maintaining a union free workplace, avoiding discrimination claims, proper interviewing, and effective discipline and discharge techniques. In 2007 she received the Chairman’s Award from the Colorado Hotel & Lodging Association for her development of the Employment Compliance Guide for Colorado Hospitality Employers. She has also been honored by the South Carolina Hospitality Association and the Washington Lodging Association for valuable contributions by an Allied member. She is “AV” Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell.
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