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When An Employee Dies: How To Navigate Business And Personal Needs During The Most Difficult Of Times

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Whether an employee dies suddenly or succumbs to a long battle with illness, the result is the same: A tremendous feeling of loss and sadness for his or her coworkers and a need for the business to go on.

To ensure that the situation is handled with dignity and care, employers should be educated on the right and wrong ways to communicate the news, manage the employee’s final pay and benefits, and address other important issues.

Join us for a webinar on how to get through this difficult time by learning how to provide helpful support to your workforce and the employee’s family and avoid legal mistakes concerning final pay, benefits administration, and other matters.What You'll Learn:
  • The essential question to ask the employee’s family to answer, so their wishes are respected
  • How to navigate claim for benefits issues that may arise under your applicable insurance policies, such as those applicable to
    • COBRA
    • Life insurance
    • Flexible spending accounts
    • Accidental death and dismemberment
    • Retirement plans
    • Workers’ compensation death benefits
  • Salary, wage, or paid time off issues HR should be prepared to deal with, and how to handle the employee’s final paycheck, including answers to questions like:
  • Should we make the check payable to his or her spouse or other beneficiaries?
  • How can we tell if the check should be made out to his or her estate?
  • Who are we authorized to release the final paycheck to and what proof should we require them to provide us with before giving it to them?
  • Who within the organization should be the first to know and how to break the news to them
  • How to communicate the value employee assistance programs can bring to help the workforce cope with the death of a coworker
  • Best practices for managing a deceased worker’s relationship with clients, customers, or suppliers
  • What to do about company property, such as laptops, cell phones, keys, company credit cards, or uniforms
  • Tips for re-distributing the deceased employee’s work and why posting an ad for his or her job immediately is generally a bad idea

When An Employee Dies: How To Navigate Business And Personal Needs During The Most Difficult Of Times
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