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Why Good Employees Leave (…And How To Keep Them!)

Webinar: ID# 1037385
Live on 2/27/2020 from 2:30pm till 3:30pm EST or via On-Demand
About This Course:
Employees have a lot of choices available to them in today's job market, so it is important to have a strategy for keeping good employees.

As employers, we have to focus not just on convincing top talent to come to work for our organizations, we have to commit to ensuring that the culture of our workplace is one where they’ll want to stay.

Building and retaining a strong team can provide the ultimate competitive advantage for your organization, but it’s not something that just happens by accident. It starts with finding the right people – but that’s only the beginning. That said, it’s time to start thinking about the process of retaining employees differently.

Attend this informative training session and discover best practices for doing just that. You’ll discover top reasons good employees leave, along with practical steps you can implement to create a work environment where they’ll want to choose to stay.

Learning Objectives

In today’s highly competitive hiring market, it’s more important now than ever before to have a sound strategy for keeping your organization’s top performing employees.

By attending, you will learn practical strategies that you can apply to cultivate an organizational culture and working environment where your best employees will want to stay. Key topics include:
  • Key statistics related to workplace attrition, voluntary turnover, and current talent trends
  • Top three factors that impact whether or not employees are likely to thrive at work
  • Top 12 reason good employees leave their job – and strategies for overcoming each at your organization
  • Best practices for retaining good employees, so they’ll choose to stay

Why Good Employees Leave (…And How To Keep Them!)
Available Live on 2/27/2020 or On-Demand format
Course Details
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