Woman’s Guide To Communicating With Confidence

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About This Course:
Women have 11% more neurons in their brains for emotion, feelings and communication. When it comes to emotion and communications, women have an eight-lane superhighway, whereas men have a county road, according to research done by Dr. Louann Brizendine.

Women and men receive different confidence "training” as kids, and it shows up in their adult communication styles.

Women grow up less likely to ask for what they want and negotiate less often on their own behalf. They don't communicate that they're "ready” when clearly they are!

But it doesn't have to always be that way.

Join us for Woman's Guide to Communicating With Confidence and learn to speak your truth to lead, succeed and make your ideas heard in the workplace.

To authentically and effectively advance your career, you can learn to overcome this early training with some surprisingly simple strategies. These "InPower Confidence Strategies” will help you be more effective and acquire more influence in your current job and position you for your next one!

In just 75 minutes, you'll discover:
  • What the research says about how women & men are trained in confidence & how it affects women's leadership trajectory.
  • How women and men are "trained” differently to communicate their value and talk about themselves to "strangers.”
  • The 3-step "right-brain” approach to authentic confidence-building that can help women be taken more seriously.
Plus, you'll come away knowing how to:
  • Use the "Silence Trick” to get more accurate feedback on your ideas.
  • Identify your personal "Confidence-inhibiting Belief” that's holding you back from taking the kind of risk that will make you more effective in meetings and one-on-one interactions.
  • Diagnose your comfort zone and develop a strategy to get outside it to further your business goals.
Not for women only! Male co-workers AND managers will benefit greatly from understanding how women are "wired" to communicate.

Join us for Woman's Guide to Communicating With Confidence and learn the secrets of powerful communication. How you interact really does matter.
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