Workers' Compensation Metrics: Assessing And Reporting On The Success Of Your Program

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About This Course:
This webinar provides detailed analysis of what constitutes a successful worker's compensation program. Each of the essential elements of successful workers' compensation programs will be presented in detail.

Finally, there will be an exploration of how to apply these concepts of items such as scorecards, dashboards and outcome-focused reporting in your own claims management programs. You will learn how to recognize when all elements are functioning in an optimal environment and when processes have improved and function in a dynamic environment.


Where to Start?
  • Key Elements of Successful Workers' Compensation Programs
  • Industry Specific vs. General
  • Outliers and How to Embrace Them
  • Management Temperature for Change If Needed
How to Get There
  • From Data to Wisdom: Creating Buy-In
  • Tailoring Your Metrics Program
  • Appreciating the Unique Nature of Your Data
Where Are We Going From Here?
  • Creating an Action-Focused Metrics Package
  • Understanding the Unique Role of Tools Such as Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Crafting Outcomes - Focused Reports
  • Developing Program Stewardship Programs and Reporting Packages
About The Presenter

Sandy C. Fralich
  • Vice president of Business Development and Client Services for JWF Specialty Company
  • 22 years of experience in workers’ compensation in Indiana
  • Former executive director of the Indiana Workers' Compensation Board, and for the last 10 years, has been consulting with Indiana Self Insured employers by assembling quality claims programs and metrics for exceptional performance
  • Designed programs for return-to-work, loss control, industry benchmarking, and employer specific objectives, along with tools to measure and monitor progress toward their success
  • Developed company-wide metrics for agency performance in the marketplace and hosts an annual seminar on workers' compensation in Indiana for clients and prospective clients
Workers' Compensation Metrics: Assessing And Reporting On The Success Of Your Program
Available on CD format
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