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Working With Multiple Bosses – Successfully

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Most people find it challenging enough to work well with even ONE boss. But if you're working with two bosses – or MORE – the challenge may seem nearly insurmountable.

Dealing with the workload is tough enough. But you've also got to manage multiple communications styles … multiple sets of expectations … multiple schedules … multiple projects … and more.

And that means multiple headaches – for YOU. Even if the "official" designation is 50% of your time for Mr. A. and 50% of your time for Ms. B., the reality is that BOTH often act as if 100% of your time is devoted just to them!

Join us for Working with Multiple Bosses – Successfully. In this webinar, our expert trainer will share her battle-tested techniques for managing not just your bosses, but your own time as well. You'll discover:

  • Ways to identify the preferred communication and work style of each manager and flex your own style to be compatible

  • Techniques to set up clear plans, schedules, and concrete expectations up front to avoid crises, miscommunication, and frustration

  • Using aligned assertive communication to set boundaries, "manage up," and define priorities

  • How to develop strategies and tactics to resolve conflicts among different managers' expectations

  • Tricks for converting the experience of multiple managers into a positive learning and growth opportunity to advance your career

Our trainer, Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, knows firsthand what it is like to report to multiple bosses. She'll share her experience of reporting to two demanding VPs with opposite personality types – and how she not only survived but thrived!

And because this is webinar, you can invite multiple team members (including bosses) to benefit from this training. What's more, you can ask Dr. Staton-Reinstein multiple questions – and get her expert answers.

Admins, supervisors, contractors, even bosses – all must deal with multiple bosses at one time or another. And all can benefit from the insightful training you'll get from Working with Multiple Bosses – Successfully.
Working With Multiple Bosses – Successfully
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