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Workplace Injuries: The Costs And The Solutions

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About This Course:
An effectively managed safety and health program may result in lower costs for management, and healthier, happier, and more loyal employees. But a poorly managed (or non-existent) program can significantly increase the likelihood that work-related accidents, injuries, or illnesses would occur. This, in turn, may raise the company's workers' compensation premium rates and the frequency of employee absenteeism. Thus, any company that is serious about managing people effectively must get serious about managing risk. Mismanagement of employee safety is a risk you do not want to take.

This course provides general information about workers' compensation laws and discusses ways to handle employee safety and health issues.What You'll Learn:About This Course
  • Target Audience: Managers/Supervisors/Risk Management & HR Professionals
  • Time To Complete: 90 minutes
  • Purpose: To help managers and supervisors understand how to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, to familiarize management with the workers' compensation system, and to provide guidelines for managing risk
  • Forms Included
    • Accident Investigation Report Form
    • Employee Fraud: The Warning Signs
    • Incident Report Form
    • Manager's Guide to Occupational Injury Management and the Worker's Compensation System
    • Minutes of the General Safety and Health Committee Meeting
    • Sample Open-Ended Interview Questions
    • Worker's Compensation Statement
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Workplace Injuries: The Costs And The Solutions
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