Workplace Investigations From Complaint To Closure: Step-By-Step Instructions For The California HR Pro

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About This Course:
As an HR manager, you’re legally required to thoroughly investigate every complaint of unlawful conduct that crosses your desk, be it serious or laughable. While you need to investigate in a timely manner, you run the risk of cutting some key corners if you act too quickly. But you can’t risk keeping the guilty party on your payroll and creating even greater liability.

When an organization doesn't investigate allegations of wrongdoing or botches one, it can lead to a lawsuit, one an employer can easliy lose.

Last year the California Department of Industrial Relations and the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement launched the “Wage Theft is a Crime” campaign, designed to encourage workers to report possible labor code violations. As the number of complaints may increase, so will your responsibility to investigate.

The secret to conducting a successful inquiry is to get your complete investigation plan in place before the complaint even gets to your desk—because in HR, it’s not a question of if, but when.

Get up-to-speed on how to conduct workplace investigations here in California when you participate in this interactive webinar specifically for California employers.

Learning Objectives:
  • Step 1 when an employee comes to you with a complaint or allegation
  • How to assess the right amount of investigation required by a given situation
  • What you should and shouldn’t do before the investigation is concluded
  • How to choose an outside investigator
  • How to define the area of investigation before starting
  • Interviewing tips to help you get to the truth
  • What you’re obligated to do, and not do, to meet California confidentiality laws
  • Strategies for resolving those “he said, she said” situations
  • Systems for efficiently assimilating information, coming to a conclusion, and finishing the investigation
  • What to do after the investigation is over
  • How to create solid documentation that will stand up in court—and tips for staying out of court in the first place
And much more!

About Your Presenter:
Attorney Marc Jacuzzi is a shareholder with the South San Francisco-based firm of Simpson, Garrity, Innes & Jacuzzi PC. His practice covers a wide range of employment law, including civil rights actions, wage claims, wrongful termination claims and tort claims with federal and state agencies. He also specializes in employment law counseling, where he advises clients on all aspects of employee relations. Jacuzzi, who previously practiced employment law at Cooley Godward in Colorado and San Francisco, is admitted to both the California and Colorado bars.
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