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Writing Inspiring Vision and Mission Statements: Key Planning and Drafting Tips for Success

About This Course:
A vision statement outlines where you want to go. A mission statement focuses on how you’ll get there after analyzing questions such as, “What sets our organization apart from the competition?”

Each conveys a compelling want or desire for your organization. So, it’s easy to understand why vision statements and mission statements are so important. It’s equally important for everyone in your organization to understand organizational priorities so they’re marching in the right direction!

If a mission statement or a vision statement is poorly drafted, a host of adverse issues may result. For instance, priorities may become difficult to define, uncertainty over boundaries may arise, and a lack of clarity on who’s accountable for what and where to place resources may result. Also, teams may find themselves uninspired, with individual departments and contributors unable to write their supporting goals and objectives for performance.

Don’t let this happen on your watch!

Join us to learn how to draft clear—and inspiring—vision statements and mission statements for your organization.

Learning Objectives
  • The key differences between vision and mission statements
  • How to use vision and mission statements as a vehicle for inspiring your workforce
  • Where to start
  • How to define and communicate where your organization is, where you want to go, and how you intend to get there
  • Tools and techniques for formulating successful vision statements and mission statements, including a valuable keyword list
  • The vision and mission statements’ place in your overall strategic plan
  • Strategies for publicizing your vision and mission statements
  • And much more
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Cara Parker, MBA, PMP
C Parker Consulting, Inc.

Cara Parker, MBA, PMP is the CEO and founder of C Parker Consulting, Inc. (CPC), which is focused on propelling organizations toward higher performance. In her years working for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations, Parker has developed a broad range of skills resulting in a systems-based approach to project management and organizational development. She leverages these skills as an enabler for her clients to explore their policies, strategic planning approaches, and continuous improvement projects. Parker especially enjoys facilitating strategic planning events where organizations are enthusiastically planning for their future by drafting vision and mission statements! After these engagements, leaders have reported demonstrated success in leveraging their team’s successfully with enhanced credibility as leaders who “get things done” effectively and efficiently.
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