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Zika Virus: Employer Guidelines For Managing This Global Health Emergency

About This Course:
It has not been since the deadly Ebola outbreak of 2014 that the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency. The culprit this time: Zika, a predominantly mosquito-borne and potentially sexually-transmitted virus that can result in a condition called microcephaly in unborn children.

WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are busy formulating travel advisories that will help minimize the spread of the virus, and the CDC has said that a Zika outbreak is likely in the United States.

Employees understandably have questions about how the virus is transmitted and what to do about pending business travel in light of the WHO’s declaration of a global health emergency. Also, pregnant employees may be particularly concerned and requesting work-from-home arrangements to minimize their risk of contracting Zika.

How will you respond if one or more of your employees is infected with Zika, or at the very least what is the virus’ potential impact on the workplace?

Don’t wait for the worst-case scenario to happen! Prepare now with a timely briefing on your organization's legal obligations and safety best practices in the face of the Zika outbreaks. This fast-paced webinar will cover your compliance obligations from an HR and a safety perspective and give you valuable advice for dealing with this deadly disease.

Learning Objectives
  • Essential OSHA-related safety considerations to factor in when managing your organization’s policies and practices with regard to the prevention and control of Zika
  • Answers to practical questions such as whether you can bar a pregnant employee from traveling on business to an area affected by Zika
  • What to do if you suspect an employee has been exposed to Zika
  • When and how to inform employees that a coworker may have been exposed to Zika
  • Issues related to requests for leaves of absence that you should be prepared to address
  • Recommendations on business travel
  • Strategies for educating workers on the spread of Zika
  • How to manage telecommuting requests in light of the spread of Zika
  • Best practices for training workers on symptoms and infection risks
In just 60 minutes, you’ll acquire crucial facts and guidance on how HR can and should respond to issues related to the Zika outbreak.

About Your Presenters

Catherine Moreton Gray, JD, is Senior Managing Editor for Human Resources and Compensation at BLR. Ms. Gray has over 20 years combined experience in HR management and as a management-side labor and employment attorney. Ms. Gray regularly counseled employers on issues such as complying with federal and state wage and hour laws, accommodating employees with disabilities, complying with federal and state laws requiring paid sick leave and family and medical leave, and union avoidance and labor relations.

Ana Ellington is a Legal Editor for BLR’s safety publications. She writes federal and state regulatory summaries, develops compliance and educational materials for safety programs, and writes white papers and news articles about workplace safety. Ms. Ellington has also written numerous publications on workplace safety and health, including OSHA's most frequently violated standards; hazard communication and GHS; personal protective equipment; and effective workplace training.
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